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Welcome to Otsü, where the timeless art of pottery meets the intimate narrative of the potter. The studio name Otsü literally means story in the Ao dialect and it encapsulates the artist’s belief that clay is a profound medium for telling stories. At Otsü, we believe that everyone has a story already told or yet to be told and we welcome you to explore the world of clay and craftsmanship like never before. 

The studio, nestled in the serene Andretta village of Himachal Pradesh, India, serves as a haven for creativity and experimentation, and stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of handmade pottery. The studio offers periodic residential courses and is dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

It is a place created with so much love and serves as a place where ideas are moulded, shaped, and fired into life, one unique creation at a time. Every creation in clay is a translation of feelings and emotions, a vessel that carries the potter's story and shares it with the world. Just as clay embodies the Earth element, pottery itself weaves together the essence of all elements—earth, water, fire, air and space - each playing a unique role in the beautiful narratives spun within our studio.

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